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Nieuwesluisweg 268 - 3197 KV Botlek Rotterdam, Harbour NO. 5049 0031(0) 10-4954911

Reefer container parts

Reefer container parts

Arctic Reefer Service & Repair B.V is the right place to find Reefer container parts. In our product range full of cooling containers you can find all the different types we offer. The containers can vary from big to small. Also there can be chosen from a standard cube or high cube reefer.

Reefer container characteristics

Our reefer containers have a standard cooling unit with a 380V power supply. In addition we deliver the cooling unit with a Pre-Trip Inspection certificate. The reefer containers have inner walls of stainless steel and an aluminum T-floor or flat-floor.

The reefer containers start with an outer size of 2,991 x 2,200 x 2,591 meters and a capacity of 16 m3. This is the 10ft standard reefer. The largest container,  the 45ft high cube pallet wide reefer, has a capacity of 83.9 m3 and an outside dimension of 13.716 x 2.550 x 2.896 meters.

The temperatures of the reefer containers can be set on a temperature between -25oC en +25oC. This is why the containers are very suitable for transporting and storing goods. They are also burglar proof and can be closed properly because of the double cooling / freezing doors.

The reefer containers:

  • HC Reefer |all types of machinery | included FLP
  • HC Reefer |all types of machinery
  • HC Reefer |all types of machinery

Own repair department

Since the summer of 2011 Arctic Reefer Service & Repair B.V. has moved to the Nieuwesluisweg 268 in the Rotterdam-Botlek area. As from now Arctic has its own depot and repair facility and is able to manage all incoming and outgoing containers. With the own repair department all types of containers can be repaired/modificated and supplied.

All repairs carried out by Arctic Reefer Service & Repair B.V. are according to the European regulations of Bureau Veritas. Arctic Reefer Service & Repair B.V. is officially certified.


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Arctic Reefer Service & Repair B.V. is established in the summer of 2003 as a full professional reefer service company specialized in 2nd hand reefer containers.

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