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Thermoking valves

Thermoking valves

When you are transporting goods that need to be stored in low temperatures, special measures have to be taken to ensure that the temperature stays at the desired level. The Thermoking valves can help you achieve this desired temperature. Hence, are you looking for a trustworthy and reliable supplier of Thermoking valves? For all your Thermoking parts, visit the webshop of Arctic Reefer Service & Repair B.V.

Here, you can find a range of (secondhand) parts for your containers and pay for them securely in an online environment. We ship our products to clients all around the globe, so you can get access to the parts and accessories you need from wherever you are, whenever you want, and where you need them to be.

Why buy on-brand Thermoking parts from Reefer Parts?

The Thermoking valves are designed to protect products that have to be stored in cool conditions, whether it be food products, non-food products or chemicals. The valves help to increase the control you have on the temperature inside the container, even in the most extreme ambient conditions. This is especially important to ensure, considering how summers are getting more and more extreme every year. These temperatures could have an impact on the goods being transported, if the valves were not installed. Genuine Thermoking parts ensure that the container is insulated properly, minimize downtime and improve fuel efficiency.

Purchase your Thermoking valves from our Reefer Parts webshop

Already since the summer of 2003, Arctic Reefer Service & Repair B.V. has been the leading reefer service company, predominantly specialized in secondhand reefer containers. Today, Arctic Reefer Service & Repair B.V. has its own depot and repair facility and is able to manage all incoming and outgoing containers. As such, our experienced reefer engineers are able to provide you with personal advice on which part fits your needs and situation best. Are you interested in our Thermoking valves or do you wish to receive more information about us or our products? Do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by telephone (0031 010 4954911), email ( or fill in the contact form on our website. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Arctic Reefer Service & Repair B.V. was established in the summer of 2003 as a full professional reefer service company, specialized in second-hand reefer containers.

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